Destination Marketing Case Studies

Nacogdoches, Texas – Destination Vision Plan/Civic Center Analysis

NacogdochesProject Overview

This project was recently completed. The Consulting Team conducted an intense analysis of the CVB and proposed marketing/management strategies that target market segments that will move the needle on lodging and economic impact. As part of this research effort, the Team dissected the Civic Center operations and proposed dramatic management and marketing strategies, which include private versus government facility management. We presented these recommendations within the context of the current political landscape and stakeholder demands. The CVB will receive a complete new marketing plan, revised budget and staff realignment based on the research that indicates what it will take to execute and sustain the destination. Concurrently, the Civic Center will have strategic recommendations that will change the entire facility operations and maximize revenues/economic impact from current and future business. Nacogdoches officials are enthusiastic over the impeding changes and their future tourism/meeting economic engine.


Jim Jeffers
City Manager
Nacogdoches, TX 75961
Phone: (936) 559-2501

Mount Airy, NC-Hotel/Convention Center Feasibility Study & Destination Vision Plan

Project Overview

The City of Mt. Airy purchased an abandoned garment mill located two blocks from the downtown Main Street with the thought of redevelopment. With the Andy Griffith /Mayberry brand beginning to reach its peak life cycle, the City is seeking a new complementary brand as well as new market segments. Destination Services and Young Strategies were contracted to determine the market feasibility for a hotel and convention/meeting facility. The potential markets and facility size were determined along with the economic /business impacts on the community. In addition to the hotel and meeting facility component, a destination vision plan was executed in order to determine the marketing and sales strategies that will move Mount Airy’s tourism industry to the next level of economic viability.


Jessica Icenhour Roberts
Director of Tourism and Marketing
Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce Tourism Partnership of Surry County
200 N. Main Street
Mount Airy, NC 27030
phone: 336-786-6116

Abingdon, Virginia – Hotel and Conference Facility Feasibility Study

Project Overview

Young Strategies and Destination Services conducted a complex research effort upon which the Industrial Development Authority determined the feasibility of moving forward with a hotel/conference center. Our main objective was to give the Authority a very clear and real analysis of the potential cost and resulting economic impact as well as the return on investment for a hotel/conference facility. We presented the positives and the negatives of a proposed project along with a realistic picture of what it will take to execute and sustain a facility. Our market and competitive analysis stipulated how large the facility will need to be, its configuration, services offered and client expectations that had to be met in order to have a successful facility. We provided an honest and realistic analysis using the best trend information available and providing conservative projections that anticipated the unexpected.

The research determined that the ROI and minimal increase in economic impact from the proposed facility did not support the feasibility of moving forward with the project.

John E. Legard, III,
Abingdon Industrial Development Authority
Abingdon, Virginia 24210
Phone (276) 525-1173
Cell: (804) 586-7958

City of Sioux Falls Convention Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Project Highlights

  • Audited Convention Center Operations.
  • Evaluated overall management and operations of convention center.
  • Assessed capital needs for the convention center from a marketing perspective
  • Prepared RFP for convention center management services.
  • Evaluated RFP responses and negotiated contract with selected candidate

Project Overview

The Sioux Falls Convention Center was being managed by the adjacent hotel, which generated an operational deficit of over one million. The operational expenditures and revenue streams were intensely researched and strategic changes identified with projected income and expenditures. Destination Services prepared an RFP for management services and evaluated responses. A management agreement was negotiated with the selected candidate and the deficit was decreased by fifty percent after the implementation of the strategic recommendations.

Teri Ellis-Schmidt,
Executive Director
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Office: (605) 373-2030
Cell: (605) 366-5590

St. Charles County Convention and Sports Facilities Authority | St. Charles, Missouri

Project Highlights

  • Operational Oversight of the 152,000 sq. ft. Convention Center
  • Political Advocacy
  • Budget Review
  • Research and strategic planning

St. Charles Convention Center Photos

Project Overview

The St. Charles County Convention and Sports Facilities Authority oversees in concert with the City of St. Charles, the St. Charles Convention Center. Destination Services assists the Authority with research, strategic planning, budgeting, legislative actions, management oversight, resolution of political issues, etc. The St. Charles Convention Center is the second highest grossing facility per sq. ft. of sellable space as compared to all the convention centers managed by Global Spectrum. This is an ongoing retainer with services being provided since 2006.

Mr. Tom Walplehorst
One Convention Center Plaza
P.O. Box 858
St. Charles, Missouri 63303
Phone: 314-440-4439
Fax: 636-896-1831

Hinton, West Virginia- Downtown Revitalization Strategy

Project Overview

The City of Hinton, West Virginia was once a thriving railroad town, which began its decline 50 years ago. It has many historic building which date from the turn of the 20th century. Ken Allman, a native of Hinton and the owner of a highly successful business, decided to reinvest in his community by purchasing and renovating historic buildings. It was his goal to revitalize the City’s economy by establishing tourism related businesses. Our objective was to lay the foundation for the revitalization to begin. Our firm identified the assets, the needs and the challenges for the revitalization. We prepared a strategic plan of action, developed a conceptual plan, and generated local political support as well as state support through meetings with the West Virginia Division of Tourism and Governor Manchin. To date, Mr. Allman has purchased and renovated numerous building as well as started several new businesses.


Mr. Ken Allman
PracticeLink and MountainPlex Properties
415 2nd Avenue
Hinton, WV 25951 Phone: 800-776-8383

Abingdon, Va.-Economic Impact Analysis for the Barter Theatre

abingdon barter theatreProject Overview

In an effort to secure grant funds and assess the economic contribution of the Barter Theatre to the City, County and region, Destination Services conducted an extensive and highly credible economic analysis. The main focus of the study was to determine the Theatre’s return-on-investment from both its expenditures and its generation of economic viability to the area. Secondarily, the contribution of the Barter to the image and quality of life in Abingdon was assessed along with the impacts investment was determined via a comparison on the overall business landscape. Barter expenditures were evaluated and budget allocations assessed. Recommendations for increasing the economic impact and any suggested adjustments to resource allocation were provided along with a list of needed product improvements to increase economic viability.


Richard Rose
Producing Artistic Director
Barter Theatre
P.O. Box 867,
Abingdon, VA 24212
Phone: 276.619.3301

Oxford, MS Destination Research and Strategic Planning

Project Overview

Oxford, Ms.- Destination Analysis and Conference Facility Operational Review
The Oxford Convention and Visitors Bureau commissioned a full destination analysis of the CVB and its conference facility. This ten-month effort focused on every aspect of the destination from the CVB administrative structure to budgeting, marketing, branding, tourism services delivery platforms and resource allocations. Destination Services, LLC conducted a full analysis of the conference facility operations and recommended operational changes that would reduce the Center’s deficit. A comprehensive strategic plan was developed and is now being implemented.


Mary-Kathryn M. Herrington
Director of Tourism
415 South Lamar Boulevard
Oxford, Mississippi 38655

Star Valley Lodge, Bedford, Wyoming-Market Study, Business/Strategic Plan

Project Overview

Destination Services was engaged to research the market potential for Star Valley Lodge and prepare a business plan with specific strategies that would insure a successful operation. Located only one hour from Jackson Hole Wyoming, this unique and beautiful setting provided an opportunity to develop an experiential product. After a six-month intensive research effort, the business plan was completed and Destination Services was hired on a retainer to begin implementation of that plan.


Michael Maholchic
Facility Engineering Services

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