While each project has its own unique objectives, at the end of most studies, you will know the:

Existing and potential markets that the destination/proposed facility can support and offer the highest level of revenue and economic impact potential


Destination Services, LLC conducts in-depth scientific research that identifies:

The Existing Potential

Uncovering a community’s sense of place and its potential to grow an economic base.

The Level of Investment

Where and how much investment required to achieve the highest levels of economic impact, quality of life improvements and visitor spend.

The Competitive landscape

Who is the competition and what it will take to compete successfully.

Feasibility for Hotel

The research provided by Destination Services convinced me to move forward with an 80 room boutique hotel and a $12 million investment. Furthermore, Steve Powell went the extra mile to lay the groundwork for a major attraction adjacent to the hotel as a room night generator. ~ Dana Lu Bryson

Political and Stakeholder Needs

The support base and implementation barriers, if any, to achieve research base strategies or development that grows the tourism industry.

The Roadmap

Research based strategies, action plans and performance measures that insures implementation with the greatest level of success.

The Risks and Opportunities

The risks and the opportunities that exist in order to insure the stakeholders, residents and community leaders are informed in a manner that is transparent and holistic.