We help DMOs, developers and attractions make the best decisions through primary research which moves the needle toward goals that improve overall visitor experience and fiscal position.

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Does your strategic vision align with your roadmap?

Destination Services is not just a research firm. We partner with clients as an extension of their professional staffs and immerse ourselves into the destination’s cultural and political fabric. We have managed DMO’s, lodging properties and attractions. We understand the needs and pressures. We have directed facility development projects and secured public/private funding for those projects. We understand what it takes to turn a dream….a concept….into reality. Destination Services is not your usual consulting firm because we have been in your shoes and do not just preach tourism, but live, breathe and practice tourism. Our ultimate goal is to save you time, money and deliver the best possible product that will give you a road map for success.

Destination Service completed a tourism master plan with Young Strategies and then worked with us for over a year to implement that plan. Steve Powell works beyond the scope and develops a realistic roadmap, he is always there when needed. Steve has been in my shoes and gives guidance that is spot on.

~ Carl Watson, Nacogdoches Destination Vision Plan

While each project has its own unique objectives, at the end of most studies, you will know the:

 Existing and potential markets that the destination/proposed facility can support and offer the highest level of revenue and economic impact potential

Level of investment and actions required to move the destination/facility to the next level and sustain that level

Competitive landscape

Political/stakeholder support/needs

A roadmap that allows the client to capture more market share and more room nights

Risks and opportunities

Stephen Powell

CEO, Destination Services LLC

30 years of experience in marketing, tourism product development, destination branding and management, budgeting and research. With experience at the local, state and federal levels of government, Steve brings a wealth of political experience, techniques for public support and political advocacy to the project.  As the former Director of the St. Charles Missouri, Convention and Visitors Bureau, his efforts moved the destination from a day trip market to a full service year round destination which involved the development of seventeen attractions including a 152,000 square foot convention center and a casino. During his tenure as the CEO for the Peoria, Illinois, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Powell reorganized the Bureau into a more focused regional sales organization and as a result, increased booked business by 40%. Currently, Powell works with both public and private entities to develop destinations and solve complex issues related to the overall management of the destination. His specialty is marketing, strategic planning, product and attraction development, destination branding, sales, research and political strategy.

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The research provided by Destination Services convinced me to move forward with an 80 room boutique hotel and a $12 million investment. Furthermore, Steve Powell went the extra mile to lay the groundwork for a major attraction adjacent to the hotel as a room night generator.

~ Dana Lu Bryson, Feasibility for Hotel

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