Case Studies - Economic Impact Analysis for the Barter Theatre

In an effort to secure grant funds and assess the economic contribution of the Barter Theatre to the City, County and region, Destination Services conducted an extensive and highly credible economic analysis. The main focus of the study was to determine the Theatre’s return-on-investment from both its expenditures and its generation of economic viability to the area. Secondarily, the contribution of the Barter to the image and quality of life in Abingdon was assessed along with the impacts investment was determined via a comparison on the overall business landscape. Barter expenditures were evaluated and budget allocations assessed. Recommendations for increasing the economic impact and any suggested adjustments to resource allocation were provided along with a list of needed product improvements to increase economic viability.

Reference Contact

Richard Rose
Producing Artistic Director
Barter Theatre
P.O. Box 867,
Abingdon, VA 24212
Phone: 276.619.3301