Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce Travel Market Research

Nature of the Assignment

The Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce retained Destination Services, LLC (DS) to conduct scientific research to study the potential for tourism in Moberly and the greater Moberly area. The research established the foundation for a tourism strategic plan, which identifies the best roadmap to establish a tourism industry and compete effectively in the marketplace. Product development, tourism management and marketing that maximizes ROI through the allocation of resources based on research data will be the focus of a strategic action plan. Secondly, DS assessed the current segmentation of overnight visitation and visitor behavior to Moberly. Finally, the DS team conducted an intensive analysis of Moberly as a destination with the goal of creating a list of development/policy/organizational objectives which should be achieved in order to develop the industry.


Moberly enjoys a very unique position. It is located within a 5 hour drive of 15 million people. Two major population areas, Kansas City and St. Louis are 2 to 2.5 hours away by automobile. The close proximity to Columbia provides not only daytrippers, but resources for labor and entrepreneurs. Moberly’s cost point for initiating a business, conducting business, spending the night, purchasing retail products or dining out is significantly lower than other parts of Missouri. It does have the advantage of a small community, with better value than Columbia, Kansas City or St. Louis. . It has a family orientation and it is safe. All of this factors contribute to the landscaped required to build a visitor destination. The research as noted several times throughout this document indicates that the residents, visitors and community leaders all agree on the direction Moberly should take to sustain a destination and in fact, create a new economic engine. A tourism industry, if designed properly, revitalizes the downtown area into an active retail, culinary and cultural product for local and regional residents. It is a win/win for all.